Being a resident of the Coachella Valley in the summer isn’t always fabulous…in fact, some days are just flat-out hard.  One of my favorite ways to avoid the heat, and the painful reality that often comes with it, is by leaving it all behind (or outside) as I relax in the theater and drift off to foreign lands through stories told over the silver screen.  In the theater is where you can sink deep into your seat, soak up the air conditioning and travel to far-a-way lands all while watching a fantastic foreign film.  This Thursday, the Palm Springs Art Museum invites you to join them on a voyage to Baghdad’s via Quarantina.  

Don’t get left behind, details below:


This Thursday evening….

…travel to far off lands of Baghdad

via a foreign film presented by Global Lens…

Qarantina, 2010 

at the Palm Springs Art Museum‘s Annenberg Theater

101 Museum Drive Palm Springs, CA

6:00pm !



Film Synopsis

A broken family under an incestuous patriarch lives uneasily within the gated courtyard of a dilapidated Baghdad house. The pregnant daughter has fallen silent, finding some protection from the patriarch’s young second wife and his preteen son. Meanwhile, hard up for money, the household must live with a sullen and imperious boarder, a contract killer. In such a house, though, it may be that freedom and safety actually lie beyond the gates. Iraqi filmmaker Oday Rasheed’s second feature gorgeously captures contemporary Baghdad’s moody interior and stunned atmosphere, echoed in performances by a formidable cast who suggest unexpected resilience in the wake of catastrophe.



About the Director

Oday Rasheed was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1973. He founded the production company Enlil Film and Arts and co-founded the Iraqi Independent Film Centre, an educational center in Baghdad for young filmmakers. His first feature film, Underexposure, received the Best Film Award at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2005, the Golden Hawk Award at the Arab Film Festival Rotterdam in 2005 and the Best Script Award at the Oran International Arab Film Festival in 2007.Qarantina is his second feature film.



Film Trailer



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