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This weekend you can either chill by the pool, check out some amazing art at the local museum, take a day trip to Mexico, or keep it local and support your local and touring musicians.  If you are looking to keep it local – great! – we have provided you with a list of events that are happening here in the Coachella Valley this weekend (in addition to the event that will be happening in Mexicali featuring two popular bands from the Coachella Valley).

Hope this helps!  And hope to see ya around…



Inside the Amigo Room of the Ace Hotel this Thursday Night.  FREE! From 9pm – 2am




Wooooooooo!! This show is going to be fiiiiiiiiiiiiire!




VIVA MEXICO!!! two local bands are tearing it up out there and that’s where the party is at!

Stronghold keeps a firm grip after all these years!  Love to see shows in the desert last so long!  Woop whoop!

good sounds at the Hood Bar in Palm Desert this Saturday!


* * * *

Thank you all for continuing to be so supportive over the years!  We truly appreciate it!!

Also, if you know of an event going on this weekend that you don’t see posted – then email us!  It’s hard to catch them all on the internet.  Email your event flyer to: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com  – thanks!!