Dear Coachella Valley Art Scene Readers,


Hello!  Welcome back to another beautiful week here on The Coachella Valley Art Scene.

How are you feeling?  Good to hear.  Us?  Well, The Coachella Valley Art Scene blogsquad is feeling REFRESHED!  Last week we took a much needed vacation up to Portland.  We drove all the way up, stopping to visit friends along the way – was great.  Now, we are back in the desert, all warmed up and ready to blog out brains out for you.  So, let’s get to it!


After putting the blog on pause last week we start this week off with a bang – there is a punk show in Thousand Palms this Monday that we think you guys should know about and go support!  Touring bands from Los Angeles combined with bands from the Coachella Valley will make for a culturally enriching evening that will keep you amped up for the remaining of the week.  We will provide with more details on who, what, when and where before sunset.


If you are reading this and find the punk show in Thousand Palms strange to have on a Monday night in the desert during the summer, we prove you wrong.  This summer has been full of some really amazing shows, with killer amounts of energy, to large audiences.  This week we feature a few of our favorite Photos Recaps: Summer Shows.  Some feature local bands, and some feature bands from out of town, all taken by local photographers.  Each show has given the local youth a taste of music and culture that is crucial to survival and keeping the faith during these hot summer days and nights in the desert.


And because so much culture has been continuing to flourish in the desert year round, new culture and community centers are starting to pop up around town.  This week we will feature the latest and greatest to the community, The Space.  The Space is a new community center for people who’s age ranges from 16 years old to 25 years old.  Located in Desert Hot Springs, organizing by the Cup of Happy Crew, this center is having a show this Wednesday to welcome everyone into the new facility and we are super duper excited for them!  More info coming tomorrow.


Another way that desert residents has been surviving this summer is the Palm Springs Art Museum’s Free Summer Film Screenings.  Every Thursday, at 6:00pm, the museum opens their doors and let’s the community in to travel to a foreign land via a foreign film or ‘LOL’ via a classic comedy.  The summer is not over, and neither are the series, so make sure to tune back in to see what’s being screened this Thursday because you sure don’t want to miss out.


For everyone looking for something to get into this weekend, mark down in your calendars that this Saturday is….. WORLD FAMOUS!!!  Yes, the free dance and craft party known around the world is going down this Saturday night from 10pm-2am inside the Amigo Room of the Ace Hotel featuring DJ Alf Alpha!  To do something different and challenging, this week will be live broadcasting from the dance floor!  We will be using Ustream so all those who are out of town, or not able to make it, can hang out with us digitally.  Pretty awesome, right?! Well, at least the blogsquad thinks so.  See you there – in real time, and online.  😉


Speaking of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, while we were on vacation Juxtapoz came into town and documented their time spent at the Ace Hotel. Super bummed that we missed their weekend take-over, but lucky for us that they shared their time with us via photos on their blog of their weekend and also the super fresh mural by Sage Vaughn.  We share with you their photos and invite you to come check out the new piece at the Ace this weekend (when you are there for the World Famous party, of course).


Other tidbits from people’s time spent in the desert can be captured and seen in our weekly, Commercial Break post.  The Commercial Break is a weekly compilation of Youtube & Vimeo videos that we find online that relate to or were film in the Coachella Valley.  You’d be surprised of everything that is out there, how much the desert inspires people, and all the random s&*^ that goes on out here!  Commercial Break is one of our personal favorite posts, so make to swing back around to the blog to check it out later this week!


And while we are on the topic for documenting life and moments spent in the Coachella Valley, we want to make sure that you all know you are encouraged to participate in our community photography project Coachella Valley Captured.  Anyone, locals or tourists, can submit photos from the Coachella Valley that they took to be published in a book and featured in our next art show.  This art show and book is in collaboration with Epidemic Skateboard Shop and we are really looking forward to see who and what is out there.  More information here:


In terms of nightlife in the Coachella Valley, we are keeping a strong hand pumping all summer long.  In addition to WORLD FAMOUS!…(okay, yeah we get super hype about our monthly party), Full Flex Media will be presenting LA Riots at the Date Shed this Friday, not to mention The Hood in Palm Desert pulling in out of town bands as well.  It’s a good weekend to be in the desert – so come join us!  A listing of all the independent music shows and venues will be featured in our 4 year long post, Things 2 Do Thursday.


Because us bloggers live in the blogesphere (aka the world wide web), you never know what you are going to get from us.  So, always circle back around to The Coachella Valley Art Scene throughout the week to see what is new, unexpected, and  unique to the valley.  You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter or Facebook!


Thank you to everyone who continues to support!  Much love and appreciation!