This past week we had the honor of interviewing Chris Sanchez for Palm Springs Life.

Sanchez, 22 of Coachella, was chosen as an artist to participate in the Shady Lane Mural, organized by the non-profit  Culturas Music and Arts.

The Shady Lane mural is over 1,000ft in length and located directly across from Dateland Park in Coachella, CA.

If you are unaware of this mural, or don’t know of the super sweet and talented artist Chris Sanchez, then we advice you to check out the article ASAP.

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sarah scheideman interviews chris sanchez for his mural for palm springs life


Coachella Mural Colorfully Illustrates Artist’s Roots

Chris Sanchez’s paint brush helps to bring scenes from Chicano history to life

Photos and words by SARAH SCHEIDEMAN

“Not all of Chris Sanchez is standing before you.

Part of the Coachella resident is ingrained in 60 feet of a 1,400-foot mural located on Shady Lane in Coachella, adjacent to Dateland Park.

“A part of me is solidified into the wall forever,” said Sanchez looking at the piece. “Nothing can compare to that feeling of accomplishment.

Sanchez, of Coachella, is one of 20-plus artists that contributed to the Shady Lane Mural including many who were born and raised in the Coachella Valley. Together, they brought their unique styles, levels of professionalism, backgrounds and experience to the collaborative space to complete the masterpiece.

The mural was organized by Cultras Music and Arts, a grass roots organization out of Coachella whose mission is to bring art and music to the youth of the Eastern end of the Valley. The finished project, which took two years to complete, was recently unveiled at a community festival on Nov. 17.  The organization chose the mural theme depicting Chicano history through a timeline series of historically significant events starting in Mexico. Artists like Sanchez were either recruited to contribute their talents, while others contacted Cultras Music and Arts to be part of it.

The entire wall is divided into segments varying in length from 50 to 100 feet, each one featuring a different artist and their visual interpretation of the historically significant event…….”

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Chris Sanchez at the Shady Lane Mural, photo by Sarah Scheideman

Chris Sanchez at the Shady Lane Mural, photo by Sarah Scheideman

The Spanish Conquest depicted by Chris Sanchez on the Shady Lane Mural



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