Chivalry is not dead.

At least it won’t be on February 9, 2013.

Doo Wop in the Desert is an event with a mission to bring back the art of romance.

For this event we ask everyone to join in on the theatrical night.  Be pre-pared to dress up, get down on the dance floor, open the door for a lady, and curtsy to a gentleman.  Okay, maybe no curtsy-ing…but you get the point!  This party is only once a year so you mine as well go all out.

Think fancy dresses, curled hair, pinched cheeks, bow ties, collars, shiny shoes, and slow dancing….

However, also consider that we booked an All-Star Desert Musician Line-Up!  We’re talking DJ Alf Alpha, EVARO, and Natalie & The Shurpedelics (aka Nattlesnake & Slipping Into Darkness) so that means get ready to dance.



Get ready to rage.

There will be a full bar, video art, lots of fun decor, photo booths, polaroids, and much more.

All you gotta do is give it a chance.


Doo Wop in the Desert 2013


Purchase your tickets online before we sell out!!