During the Summer we are always looking for free, fun, cultural and community based events to invite our readers to go check out.  So when we were forwarded information about the free film series firing back up this season we knew we had to share (especially since Marilyn won’t be with us much longer).

However this year, it’ more than just your standard free movie in the park community screening.  PS Resorts is now in collaboration with Palm Springs International ShortFest for their Summer 2013 series and will also be screening a cutting edge short film before each classic film.  Two films in one sitting for the price of zero.  Gotta love it.   

Seems like the perfect Friday evening event to bring a group of friends, blankets, drinks to and just have a great time under the stars (literally).

Make sure to show up early to reserve your spot because Marilyn fans don’t play hard to get!



Forever Marilyn Free Summer Film Series

with a new twist!..

Palm Springs International ShortFest x Forever Marilyn 2013

Come see a short film screen before a classic Marilyn Monroe flick!


Marilyn Monroe - Niagara hot pink


Friday, May 7th, 8:30pm

Yours Truly and Niagara

ShortFest screening: Yours Truly, U.K., 7 min, Shortfest 2007
Film Noir takes an animated turn when classic movie footage is remixed into a new stop-motion-fueled story


Niagara is a 1953 thriller-film noir, starring Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Casey Adams (Max Showalter), and Marilyn Monroe. Unlike other film noirs of the time, Niagara was filmed in Technicolor and was one of Fox’s biggest box office hits of the year. For more information, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niagara_(1953_film) 



About the Film:

Belated honeymooners Polly (Jean Peters) and Ray Cutler (Casey Adams) arrive at their Niagara Falls cottage only to find that Rose (Marilyn Monroe) and George Loomis (Joseph Cotten) have not yet checked out. Though the Cutlers temporarily take another cabin, the lives of the two couples are bound together for the next two days. Polly discovers that Rose is having an affair and that George, though emotionally unstable, has good reason for his jealous rage. George accurately suspects that Rose openly flaunts her sexuality to make him act crazy in front of witnesses. This is part of Rose’s plan: her lover Patrick (Richard Allan) will kill George and make it look like suicide or a disappearance. Instead, George kills Patrick, and he returns to kill Rose, but finds Polly instead. As she had been sympathetic to him, he asks her not to tell anyone that he is alive so he can simply disappear. But, realizing that he wants to kill Rose, Polly informs the police. What follows is escalating terror, with George stalking Rose, Rose desperately trying to leave town, the police searching for both of them, and finally George and Polly adrift in a boat heading for the precipice. In Henry Hathaway’s Technicolor film noir, Niagara Falls serves as an apt metaphor for the destructive power of out-of-control carnal and murderous obsessions. ~ written by Steve Press via Rotten Tomatoes




Check out what’s next:


ShortFest at Forever Marilyn

Friday, June 7th, 8:30 PM
In celebration and anticipation of ShortFest, the annual festival of short films in Palm Springs to be held June 18-24, a special selection of shorts will be shown outdoors at Forever Marilyn. Films to be announced .

via P.S. Resorts




About Forever Marilyn

Forever Marilyn is the 26 ft. tall, 34,3OO lbs. sculpture of Marilyn Monroe by American artist and Johnson & Johnson heir Seward Johnson inspired by the famous photograph taken by Bernard of Hollywood from the film, The Seven Year Itch. The dramatic sculpture Forever Marilyn is extremely realistic – especially in the skin tones. Her unique patina involves 1O layers of hues with a matte finish except for the glossy elements of her lips, toe nails and the pearlized finish on the earrings. A passion for detail and an uncanny realism of pose are qualities often associated with the works of sculptor Seward Johnson. Well-known for recreating life in our times in vivid realism, with this work the artist explores in three dimensions why some visual images so captivate us that they become larger than life. These subjects outlive their own time periods and come to stand for something metaphoric and grand. Such is this most recent release from the hands of artist Seward Johnson, which arrived in Chicago for its international debut last year. Forever Marilyn belongs to the series entitled, ICONS REVISITED. – via P.S. Resorts

About P.S. Resorts

P.S. Resorts, the non-profit organization made up of local hoteliers to promote Palm Springs tourism through events and attractions, announced today a series of films featuring Marilyn Monroe will be screened outdoors at the Forever Marilyn sculpture at the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way.

“We wanted to share the legacy of Marilyn Monroe’s acting career with her fans in Palm Springs in a fun way that everyone could enjoy”, said Aftab Dada, chairman of P.S. Resorts. “Outdoor movie screenings seemed just right with our warm summer evenings and the iconic Forever Marilyn sculpture in a pose from “The Seven Year Itch” as a backdrop.


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