Who are your favorite pod stars?

Our favorite is a group of young gentlemen hailing from Palm Springs who all cram into a small living room and do Poor Decisions…


Okay, reeeeewind!


The ChuckleHutt is a comedy group based out of Palm Springs that produces a ridiculous podcast called “Poor Decisions Podcast” on a monthly/weekly basis.

Not sure if we should feel proud/embarrassed/or ashamed of ourselves, but The CVAS has been listening to this thing religiously for the past 5 months and finally felt it was time to share our poor decision with our readers.

What exactly is it about?  To be honest…kind of like, nothing.  But, for that very reason is why it’s so enjoyable/painful to listen to.


We are always looking for people who are being creative in the desert, and these guys are mastering the art of DIY comedy.

Check it out:



 The ChuckleHutt:

We are The ChuckleHutt, a comedy group based in southern California. We make sketch videos for YouTube & the Funny or Die website, perform Stand Up Comedy, and we produce our very own weekly podcast called “The Poor Decisions Podcast. Check ’em out and let us know what you think.


About Poor Decisions Podcast:

The ChuckleHutt presents “The Poor Decisions Podcast”. A weekly podcast of hilarious stories, mishaps, and embarrassing moments.






listen to all 28 of the podcasts for free…if you dare.


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