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This weekend in Palm Springs the Palm Spring Cultural Center brings you the 6th edition of Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival!!

At reasonable prices, with interesting topics and a fun crowd… this film festival is one not to be passed up.  Make sure to go through all the listings, watch the trailers and visit their website for more information before picking which films you want to watch this weekend.

Some feature lengths, some short films, some lesbian, some gay – a little something for everyone…


NOTE: All CINEMA DIVERSE screenings will be held at Camelot Theatres


All Access Pass: $149.00
(includes all special events and all festival screenings)
Dozen Pass: $129.00 ($10.75 ea.)
Half Dozen Pass: $69.00 ($11.50 ea.)

Festival Screenings = $13.00 (on sale after September 1st)


To purchase your tickets in-person, visit:
Camelot Theatres Box Office
(Daily 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM)
2300 E. Baristo Road,
Palm Springs, CA, 92262,
Box Office: 760-325-6565

Telephone Orders: 888-718-4253

Order online: Camelottickets.com

Camelot Theaters, Palm Springs

Camelot Theaters, Palm Springs



Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is presented by the Palm Springs Cultural Center, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


cinema diverse


CINEMA DIVERSE: The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

2013 Schedule



 Saturday, 9/21 9:30am Theatre One

Free Fall (Freier Fall) (100 minutes) Cosponsored by The Desert Film Society, FREE FALL is a gripping and erotic truth or consequences story of the tumultuous love affair between police officer Marc and his training partner, Kay. Marc, whose life seems to be just about perfect, suddenly discovers a romantic interest in Kay. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc’s world begins to careen wildly out of control.”

Saturday, 9/21 9:30am Theatre Three

Sneak Preview of DISTURBER OF THE PEACE, and an engaging conversation with Reverend Canon Malcolm Boyd, Mark Thompson and filmmaker, Andrew Thomas

Disturber Of The Peace,” is the new “in progress” feature-length documentary on the remarkable life of Hollywood producer, Priest, Civil Rights Activist, Freedom-Rider, and Gay Elder, Malcolm Boyd.

Born in 1923, Malcolm Boyd lived in Manhattan as a child, but through a series of events, he ended up in California as a young adult. In the 1940’s, he worked in Hollywood’s bustling motion picture and television industry, eventually partnering with the legendary Mary Pickford in the production company, PRB, Inc.

In 1951, Boyd departed Hollywood and entered an Episcopal seminary, and in 1954, he was ordained. His early work in the American Civil Rights Movement, as a Freedom-Rider, and as a protester of the Vietnam War, earned him national attention.

In 1965, Boyd published his first book, “Are You Running with Me, Jesus?” The book was a huge success, capturing world attention, selling more than one million copies, being translated into most languages including Chinese, and ultimately propelling Boyd into the national spotlight. In 1971, when LOOK magazine ran a cover story, entitled “Ten Prominent Americans Give You Their Personal Key to Peace of Mind,” Malcolm Boyd was included, and shared the cover with the likes of Duke Ellington, Walter Cronkite, Joan Baez, Bill Moyers, and Margaret Mead.

In 1977, long before it was considered “acceptable,” Malcolm Boyd came out publicly, both as a gay man, and as a gay priest. He also immersed himself in the emerging LGBT Civil Rights movement, beginning thirty-five years as a defender of LGBT rights. His dedication to LGBT Civil Rights, and all the causes he has championed over the years, prompted South African Archbishop and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu to write of Boyd:

“He was ahead of his time, being a white civil rights prophet on behalf of people of color, protesting against tyranny and war, asserting God’s inclusivity for all people, including gays, and offering prayers in actions as well as words.”

Malcolm Boyd, and his partner, writer Mark Thompson, met more than thirty years ago, and, throughout that time, have worked diligently as LGBT activists, and as writers. Boyd has authored more than thirty books, edited six others, and currently writes for the Huffington Post. Thompson is the author of eight books on gay history and culture, including the internationally acclaimed trilogy Gay Spirit, Gay Soul and Gay Body. He started his writing career at The Advocate in 1975, where he worked the next two decades as a reporter, photographer and, eventually, as Senior Editor.

Malcolm Boyd and Mark Thompson got married in Los Angeles earlier this year, shortly after Boyd’s 90th birthday.

About the film:

Disturber Of The Peace is a new (in progress) feature-length documentary on the remarkable life of Malcolm Boyd, tracing his life from Hollywood producer to Priest…targeted for violence as a Civil Rights activist…arrested for protesting the Vietnam War inside the halls of the Pentagon, and now a Gay Elder who stills rattles the sensibilities of church and state. Including an eclectic mix of personalities from Lily Tomlin to Tom Hayden, and exposing surprising secrets about the people and situations that define America’s continuing struggle for peace and justice, Disturber Of The Peace is an energetic, entertaining portrait of righteous engagement.

About the director:

Andrew Thomas has produced award-winning independent documentaries and prime time network and series for more than 25 years, receiving Emmy and ACE Award nominations, and recently five Best Documentary Awards for his latest feature on jazz icon Vince Guaraldi.

Saturday, 9/21 11am Theatre Two


Families are Forever (21 min), Dear Santa (22 min 3 sec), Barbie Boy (13 min), Straight with You (18 min 59 sec), Whispers of Life (11min), Bakersfield, Earth (9 min), Way to Many Problems (9 min 28 sec)

Saturday, 9/21 11:30am Theatre Three


Playing it Straight (20 min), Straight Talk (9 min 13 sec), Cologne (12 min), Dry Dock (10 min), An Exchange (13 min)


Saturday, 9/21 1pm Theatre Two

Short: THE UGLY DUCKLING (23 min) 

A re-imagining of the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale, starring award-winning actor Thomas Sangster (Love Actually, Nowhere Boy, Game of Thrones). In straight suburbia, in a world comprised entirely of lines and squares, a young boy’s love of bright colors and strange fashions only exasperates his family and alienates him from his peers. When even his parents begin to question his provenance, the boy leaves home and begins a magical adventure, meeting a series of characters who not only transform his appearance but help him to see who he really is…

Feature: LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS (50 min 20 sec)

The year is 1965, and even though the San Francisco civil rights movement is in full swing, just the perception of a person being gay or lesbian can bring on harsh abuse and violence from the police department. Surprisingly, an unlikely group of straight ministers see the injustices firsthand, and work, for the first time, with the queer community to do something about it. Yet, simply having a dance to raise funds for their cause is enough for the cops to show up in mass, invade the private party, and start making arrests. What happens next becomes a pivotal, yet little-known moment in gay, lesbian and trans history!


Saturday, 9/21 1:30pm Theatre Three

Short: LAVENDER HILL (25 min)

In 1973, a motley group of young writers, artists, political activists, and recent college graduates purchased over 100 acres of land outside West Danby, New York to build, with their own hands, a two story home that became Lavender Hill — one of the few gay and lesbian communes in the Back to the Land movement. In a time when over 30 “straight” communes thrived in Tompkins County, Lavender Hill, which expanded to include several homes across the property, was a remarkable experiment in collaboration, gender exploration, and social and political integration between young gay and lesbians in the post-Stonewall era.

Feature: AUDRE LORDE The Berlin Years 1984-1992  (79 min)

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the acclaimed Black lesbian feminist poet and activist, Audre Lorde’s passing. Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992, explores a little-known chapter of the writer’s prolific life, a period in which she helped ignite the Afro-German Movement and made lasting contributions to the German political and cultural scene before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Lorde mentored and encouraged Black German women to write and publish as a way of asserting their identities, rights and culture in a society that isolated and silenced them, while she challenged white German women to acknowledge and constructively use their white privilege.

This documentary contains previously unreleased audiovisual material from director Dagmar Schultz’s personal archive, including stunning images of Audre Lorde off stage

Saturday, 9/21 4pm Theatre Two

Short: BEING STAVROS (10 min) 

Stavros is looking for love. In a bid to find it he makes an unusual move – entering the ‘Mr Gay UK’ beauty pageant, a showcase for some of Britain’s hottest men. Only problem is, at 30 stone (420 pounds), Stavros weighs 3 times as much as his competitors. Undeterred he signs up. But things don’t go to plan – for Stavros or the pageant organizers! ‘Being Stavros’ is a tale of triumph, heartbreak and how to wear your underpants.

Feature: BIG GAY LOVE (85 min)

 Big Gay Love is a comedy about a chubby gay man who overcomes discrimination based on his looks to find love on his own terms! In the movie, Bob (played by Jonathan Lisecki of Gayby) appears to have it all – a great job, fabulous friends, and is about to become a first time homebuyer.

But his success hasn’t come without a price for Bob has become the chubby gay man everyone adores, but nobody desires. When true love does find Bob in the form of a chef named Andy (Nicholas Brendon), his comical insecurities about being loved spills to the seams and gets the best of him. To keep up appearances with his friends, Bob even considers plastic surgery to fit in and be perfect. But underneath it all he longs for something more.

Big Gay Love is a love letter for everyone who’s ever wanted to be accepted for themselves regardless of their color, shape, or size.

Saturday, 9/21 4:30pm Theatre Three

Short: LOST PINES  (17 min) 

Stef, an “accidental” teenage arsonist, is released from juvenile detention early, but with a catch. She must go undercover to help track down a local Oxy dealer. Otherwise, she’ll be sent back. Trouble is, once Stef starts sleuthing, she finds that all the clues lead back to the ex-best friend she’s still in love with.

Feature: CAMP BEAVERTON: Meet the Beavers (62 min 34 sec) 

Camp Beaverton is the only all women, trans-inclusive sex positive camp at Burning Man to date. Burning Man is a radical arts festival and social experiment held for 8 days in a desert in northern Nevada, USA. It creates a temporary city that is home to almost 60,000 people who live within the 10 principles that makes Burning Man’s collective philosophy. Black Rock City is the most unique adult playground in the world.

The Beavers create an experimental community camp that hosts hugely popular events, including play parties, clit-tail social hours, educational workshops, and the infamous Strap-on-a-thon – possibly the largest play party for women on the planet. They are a close community of queers, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and straight women engaged in radical self expression, open communication, and exploring their personal and sexual boundaries.

Saturday, 9/21 7pm Theatre Two


SUFFERIN’ TIL YOU’RE STRAIGHT is an adult Socio-Political spoof of Schoolhouse Rock. Original SHR cast member Essra Mohawk and Supremes members, Scherrie Payne and Susaye Greene, give us a musical History lesson about the Struggle for Gay Rights and the famous Gays and Lesbians (some surprising) whose contributions have helped shape our society.

Feature: OUT WEST (93 min) 

OUT WEST is a light-hearted romp  – sort of a City Slickers meets Something About Mary  – with a dash of Legally Blonde and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert thrown in. Okay, maybe a little Kinky Boots too. OUT WEST is the story of heiress Prissy Alcott (Jennifer Elise Cox), who has been living the luxe life in her posh Reno Condo. Life is grand until Prissy gets a call from Momma telling her that the family is broke and is getting ready to sell the ranch to their neighbors – “frienemy” Bonnie and her whipped husband Cal. Prissy can’t bear the thought of losing her childhood home and all of her animal pals, so with the help of her gay best friends she hatches a plan to save the Alcott’s run-down ranch by rebooting it as a dude ranch.

Saturday, 9/21 7:30pm Theatre Three

Short: REMEMBER TO BREATHE (26 min) 

Alice Martin (Lee Meriwether), a former headliner at the Latin Quarter, now lives alone and forgotten, surrounded by memorabilia of her past glory. She remembers a past love (Susan Blakely) while searching for meaning in her golden years. While mentoring a young aspiring singer (Leigh Ann Larkin), past memories become entwined with the present as Alice comes to realize that what she thought was lost is only dormant, awaiting a new spark.

Feature: BREAKING THE GIRLS (83 min) 

Directed by beloved cult filmmaker Jamie Babbit (But I’m a Cheerleader) and written by Guinevere Turner (American Psycho) and Mark Distefano, BREAKING THE GIRLS is a sexy and thoughtful thriller. Twenty-somethings, Sara (Agnes Bruckner of Private Practice and Murder by Numbers) and Alex (Madeline Zima: Heroes, Californication) meet at a bar one night, form an immediate and intense relationship, and quickly take it to a dark place. Each of the girls describes an urge to rid themselves of a special enemy to one another, and their furtive plotting, an (un)intended pact, and a sexual relationship quickly turns into a tangled web of violence, lies and murder.



Sunday, 9/22  11am Theatre Two

Short: WHEN I WAS A BOY I WAS A GIRL (29 min) 

WHEN I WAS A BOY I WAS A GIRL documents the life of Goca – a transsexual woman living in Belgrade, Serbia. As a transsexual, Goca is forced to live on the margins of Serbian society, and risks life and limb working as a prostitute to make money. She is raising a daughter (who is actually her niece), and has an eighteen year-old boyfriend who regularly steals money from her. Despite the daily dangers she faces, and the ongoing drama of her personal life, Goca is determined to produce a play – the story of her life, – entitled  “WHEN I WAS A BOY I WAS A GIRL.”

Feature: WHAT’S THE “T”  (70 min) 

With effortless candor and courage, the ladies of WHAT’S THE “T” display their lives. All these women have gone through similar experiences and all have risen above their trials to gain the identity that is rightfully theirs. The documentary features Cassandra Cass who is a performer in San Francisco, Rakash Armani, an up and coming star in the ballroom scene, Nya, an ingenue from ASIA SF, Vi Le, a psychology and biology major from San Francisco State University and Mia tu Mutch, a youth advocate from the Youth Commission in San Francisco.

Sunday, 9/22 11:30am Theatre Three

Short(s): DREAM DATE (3 min 2 sec) 

Two woman meet in a hotel bar. They check in. Their dream date begins….


Amy and Alex, of Virginia, were married in the District of Columbia after same-sex marriage was legalized. Eager to start a family, they conceived a child through artificial insemination. But joy quickly turns to sorrow as Alex learns she is unable to adopt their child.


A film about homophobia, bullying, ad school violence, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL is designed to advance the conversation about how we as a society must respond to homophobia, bullying and violence, leading to a greater acceptance of, and respect for, those who identify as LGBT. The film presents the issues surrounding homophobia in a multi-segment format that engenders group discussion. The topics unfold through one-on-one interviews with students, teachers, parents and leaders in the LGBT support and ally communities.

Sunday, 9/22 1pm Theatre Two

Short: Scotty Works OUT (15 min 20 sec) 

Scotty has spent years working out at the same gym. He’d love to make a connection with someone, but spends most of his time listening to music and creating fantasies in his head. Then one day his mp3 player breaks! Scotty is forced to talk to fellow gym goers for the first time. Can he finally make a meaningful connection?

Feature: PIT STOP (80 min) 

Recovering from an ill-fated affair with a married man, Gabe finds solace in the relationship he maintains with his ex-wife and daughter. On the other side of town, Ernesto evades life at home with his current live-in ex-boyfriend by spending much of his spare time in the hospital with an ailing past love. Impervious to the monotony of their blue-collar world, both Gabe and Ernesto maintain an unwavering yearning for romance. The emotional isolation the two men have grown accustomed to is captured in a subtle, optimistic, poetic fashion while avoiding melodrama. PIT STOP premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and has since won the Texas Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival, and the Louise LeQuire Award for Best Screenplay at the 2013 Nashville Film Festival.

Sunday, 9/22 1:30pm Theatre Three

Short: Sweet Honey Chile (18 min 26 sec) 

A young boy, Honey, explores identity and grief with his mystical neighbor, while in the midst of the struggle to help his mother lay his grandfather to rest.

Feature: IN THE NAME OF (102 min) 

Adam is a Catholic priest who discovered his calling as a servant of God at the relatively late age of 21. He now lives in a village in rural Poland where he works with teenagers with behavioral problems. He declines the advances of a young blonde named Ewa, saying he is already spoken for. However, celibacy is not the only reason for his rejection. Adam knows that he desires men and that his embrace of the priesthood has been a flight from his own sexuality. When he meets Lukasz, the strange and taciturn son of a simple rural family, Adam’s self-imposed abstinence becomes a heavy burden.

Sunday, 9/22 4pm Theatre Two

Short: HAPPY BIRTHDAY (23 min 20 sec)

 Life can be frustrating for a 14-year-old boy in Denmark, where the age of consent is 15….

Feature: BIRTHDAY CAKE (85 min) 

BIRTHDAY CAKE is the feature length sequel to the very popular GROOM’S CAKE (which was voted Best Short at the 2012 Edition of Cinema Diverse). BIRTHDAY CAKE brings audiences back into the lives of Steven James (Rib Hillis) and Daniel Ferguson (Writer/Director Chad Darnell) via their continuing mockumentary which first chronicled the three days leading up to their wedding and their adoption (the same week) of a baby. Now the boys are back – they’re celebrating baby’s first birthday – with the same biting humor, spontaneous hilarity, and unexpected hi-jinx we saw in GROOM’S CAKE.

Sunday, 9/22 4:30pm Theatre Three

Short: IT TAKES BALLS (19 min) 

Ilan Kwittken is an actor who likes to portray women. We follow him as he tells his personal story of growing up with an abusive father, developing his sexual identity and at the same time his interest in playing female roles. The story also touches on the difficulties of being gay in the entertainment industry during the late eighties. In his quest to develop this art form, Ilan went on to perform a host of female characters, and the movie culminates with his transformation and performance as Judy Garland.

Feature: IAN HARVIE: SUPERHERO (71 min) 

Perhaps best known as Margaret Cho’s opening act, Ian Harvie is a talented trans man, and an over the top comedian who is unafraid to joke about subjects no other comedian is willing to touch. In IAN HARVIE: SUPERHERO, Harvie unveils his first-ever live standup comedy special, poking fun at topics from top surgery to his fear of public restrooms to his active sex life. This unique film proves over and over that laughter cuts across all gender identities and ultimately unites us all.

Sunday, 9/22 7pm Theatre Two

Short: BORN TO DANCE THIS WAY (11 min) 

JOO SI is fierce, fabulous…and overweight. He arrives in LA with the single goal of being a dancer, and auditions for the opportunity of a lifetime to be a principal backup dancer for the female pop singing sensation, The 4Play Ladies. As the girls get to know JOO SI, we get to know his struggle with masculinity and society’s expectations as a flamboyant feminine, and overweight male dancer.

Feature: I AM DIVINE (90 min) 

I AM DIVINE is the long-awaited, definitive biographical portrait of Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a. Divine, and honors him exactly as he always craved — as a serious artist and immortal star. The film chronicles Divine’s life, from his early days as a misfit youth in Baltimore through his rise to infamy as a cult superstar. Like the characters he portrayed in numerous films, Divine was the ultimate outsider. He transformed himself from a bullied schoolyard fat kid to a larger-than-life personality as his alter-ego Divine. Divine stood up for millions of gay men and women, female impersonators, punk rockers, the ample figured, and countless other socially ostracized people. With a completely committed, in-your-face style, he blurred the line between performer and personality, and revolutionized pop culture.

Sunday, 9/22 7:30pm Theatre Three

Short: LITTLE LIES (15 min) 

Phillip has just lost Marcus, his long-term partner. He tries to forget his grief in a haze of alcohol, and in the company of a young rent boy.  But the boy proves to be more than Phillip bargained for…

Feature: THE LAST MATCH (LA PARTIDA) (94 min)

 Life can be tough in Cuba…especially when love breaks into lives that are already filled with troubles, lies and complications. Reinier is a married teen who lives with his wife and baby in her grandmother’s apartment. He makes money by having sex with men, then feeds his gambling obsession; sometimes winning and sometimes losing badly. Yosvani lives with his wealthy (and older) girlfriend and her loan shark father, depending on them for food, money and a place to live. Both young men love soccer, and when they meet on the soccer field, they find themselves falling madly in love, and their worlds begin to spin wildly out of control.


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