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Ashley of Epidemic Skateboard Shop and I got interviewed for our collaboration project, Coachella Valley Captured.

Coachella Valley Captured is a community photography project that we are organizing, and almost finished with!  The book should be out soon, along with the photo exhibition.

To read more about Coachella Valley Captured click the link to read the whole interview.


And if you didn’t submit your photo in time, we are pretty sure we are going to put out another book soon!  So stay tuned in!

.The Coachella Valley Art Scene interviewed in College of the Desert newspaper the chaparral


By Teresa Garcia

Features Editor


Sarah Scheideman, of the Coachella Valley Art Scene (CVAS), and Ashley Busenius, of Epidemic Skate Shop, have joined forces to create a book of photos by amateurs, professionals and artists alike  inspired by The Coachella Valley. The Coachella Valley Captured Project aims to involve the local community and provide a photographic look into the desert from a different perspective.

The project came about by way of Vancouver, Canada, where Busenius is originally from, inspired by a similar project called “This is East Van”.  Busenius enlisted “local Coachella Valley expert” Scheideman to bring the idea to life…


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