This weekend we heard the tragic news that Alex Calderwood, Co-Founder to the Ace Hotel, passed away in London at the age of 47.  This truly saddened us as we had the opportunity to meet and build with Alex many years ago.

In 2009 Alex attended The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s first art show in Indio called, “Something From Nothing.”  It was the launch party of our website, to show the world what the blog was all about.  Around that same time the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs had just opened up only a month or so before our event.  Looking back now I realize that we were all on the same wavelength as we both launched creative projects in the Coachella Valley around the same time.  Alex and the rest of Ace’s management attended the show and purchased a good amount of art.  It was there that we shot them an idea that we had in mind for a retro Valentines Day themed party called, “Doo Wop in the Desert.”  They loved the idea and two months later our first event ever at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs took place on Saturday of Valentine’s Day weekend in 2010.  After the success of Doo Wop in the Desert, Ace Hotel offered an opportunity to host a monthly party on the last Saturday of every month with DJ Alf Alpha in the Amigo Room.  With the help of David Richey (Cultural Engineer in Palm Springs at the time), the party started off as “Downtown”, then changed to “Discoteque” and eventually to what it is known today as “World Famous.”  The World Famous party took place at the Ace Hotel on the last Saturday of every month for about 3 years.  The party helped connect & build The CVAS’s fan base and really put a spotlight on the young & talented DJ Alf Alpha.  We are so grateful for having the opportunity to connect with Alex and be apart of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for so many years.

Because of the opportunities that Alex gave us, the vision he had for Palm Springs and the impact that he will forever have in shaping our community we wanted to pay our respects to the man behind the brand.


Rest In Peace Alex Calderwood

1966 – 2013