Hey guys, how’s it going?  So, as you know, Gen X, the Boomers and the Builders think we are lazy.  But time and time again I’ve tried to explain to my elders that in fact we are not.  They just…. they just don’t get that I’m actually really being productive on my cell phone, #forrealz.

Last night as I began to cook dinner I went through my NPR News App and came across a TED Talk titled, “The Next Greatest Generation?” – a podcast all about Millennials.  I pressed play and as I prepared my meal I listened to the entire series.

I was so inspired by the podcast that I decided I had to share it on my blog.  I thought that even though this podcast has nothing to do with “desert art” per se, it has everything to do with the majority of the readers who tune into this blog on a weekly basis.  We are all in this together.

Unfortunately, I can not embed the audio into this post, so please just click the photo and/or links to be directed to the audio link.

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Listen to the podcast on NPR by CLICKING HERE.


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