This Saturday evening you can catch members of your favorite blogsquad crafting at Azul’s Chix Mix!

We will be pressing buttons and lighting up the party with our crafty DIY LED lights.

This will be our 2nd time at Chix Mix and we are really looking forward to it, last month everybody was cool, creative and very crafty.  Let’s get to it ladies!!!  We’ll see you there!


chix mix

SATURDAY, May 17th
Azul Georgie’s Alibi presents CHIX MIX EDM Night

Every Saturday at ALIBI above Azuls.
AND First Sundays of every month at The Curve Hotel.

Our mission is our L.A.W. ( Live performance-Art-Women). Unity, an empowerment for female artist and entertainers.

First 18+ ladies spot
Doors open at 5:00pm
$5 cover charge ALL NIGHT
Happy Hour Drinks ALL NIGHT

APRIL showers bring MAY Flowers, that is right May is here and the flowers are blooming. The lineup is ready for this month, but are you?! With Artist Spotlight Showcase and Gallery (twice a month), the Kings of Palm Springs (every 2nd Saturday) and EDM Night (every 3rd Saturday) on their own Saturday slots, joining the slot this month is HIP HOP Night (every last Saturday). We have special extra additions such as OPEN MIC this month, Special Live Music, and Poetry Slam. Tune in for details!!!

Get to know your DJ-

dj sugafree

“Being a music junkie since very young led to djing back in 2007. Her musical inclination made it much easier for Sugarfree to succeed at what she does. During her sets, you won’t only want to dance your face off, you will also be listening to a story that will have you coming back for more. Music is her world and she sure shows it every time she plays.”

“Music makes my life sweet.” -Sugarfree

chix mix