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Last week we didn’t blog a lot.  However, we did come up with this pretty awesome concept of a mobile music festival that would connect all cities within the Coachella Valley, feature local bands (performing ON the bus), and promote long-term choice ridership.  We took the idea to our local public transit company, SunLine Transit Agency, and they thought it was pretty cool too.  Since then, a front-page story about 111 Music Festival published in the Desert Sun and we have already started taking action to spread awareness and start our  fundraising efforts through City Hall meetings across the Coachella Valley.

Xochitl Pena, of the Desert Sun, interviewed us about our mobile music festival concept and did a great job explaining it.  Read the article below and click here to read the complete version.

The search for bands, graphic design, video promotional work and funding continues.  We are currently in the process of gathering solid lists for each.  If you are interested in being apart of the festival, please contact:


A landing page where you can donate money (tax write-off applicable) will be provided with the next week.  Please loop back in to be connected.

We’ll see you on board!…






Read the Desert Sun article:  http://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/music/2014/07/30/one-eleven-music-festival-buses/13386911/



111 Music Festival could happen on Coachella Valley buses


Imagine a mini-Coachella music festival — but on wheels.

Riders would get on a SunLine bus and, as it traveled along Highway 111, a DJ would drop beats or perhaps a punk band would be blaring.

The entertainment would continue at the final destination, with bus stops decorated with artwork that’s intended to stimulate the imagination.

The quirky experience proposed by the Coachella Valley Art Scene is called the 111 Music Festival.

And after getting the go-ahead from SunLine Transit Agency Wednesday, the Cathedral City based-group is hoping taxpayers and private donors will help cover the estimated $15,000 price tag.

“It’s the same experience you’ll get on a normal Saturday (bus ride), except you have a nice added bonus: There will be an amazing act performing,” said Ian Cush, the marketing director with the art scene.

The Coachella Valley Art Scene, which regularly hosts cultural and art events, is organizing the musical acts in hopes of launching the one-day festival as soon as October.

Organizers —including Rafael Lopez, who is known as DJ Alf Alpha — are hoping to get additional event producers to participate.

SunLine would provide the buses and would work various cities on potential funding, said General Manager Lauren Skiver.

SunLine board members on Wednesday did not take an official vote or commit any resources, but did express a general interest in the idea.

“Our team is really excited about it,” Skiver said.

Organizers said they were inspired by various music festivals. But it was art scene founder Sarah Scheideman’s trip to Portland that helped crystallize the idea.

“There was a choir doing sing-alongs – the whole bus was singing” she said of a trolley ride there.

“It was such a fun and memorable experience that I was inspired and I thought I want to bring this to the Coachella Valley.”

The local event would not alter normal bus routes and there would be no added costs to the rider. Adults can get an unlimited use SunBus day pass for $3, but a one-way ride costs $1.

Organizers hope to have about 25 local acts participate. Performers would hop on and off the buses throughout the route, playing for 30 minutes to an hour.

The entertainment would range in style from DJs, bands, sing-a-long, choirs and performance artists…


…..read the rest of the article here.