This Saturday evening (February 14, 2015) The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be hosting our 6th annual DOO WOP IN THE DESERT.  This event’s mission is to bring back the art of romance and is a fundraiser for our nonprofit organization.

The Doo Wop is a retro themed dance party that will be held at the Pavilion inside the Indian Wells Golf Resort.  We encourage people to dress in their best mid-century attire, we decorate the venue like a 1950’s prom, and have a cute photo booth to boot.  But one of the most special, and impressive, features to our event is our musical line-up.  This year we will feature 5 local music acts – all who will be covering a special night of Doo Wop classics.

This is a very special event to attend in the desert.  No other night throughout the year will you see these artists cover these songs.  Nor will you see your friends dressing up so fancy!

We are looking forward to seeing you out there this Saturday!!

And don’t forget – 100% of the proceeds go towards The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s 501c3 Non Profit Organization!!  So share the love!!







conducted by Mayor Pizza of The Coachella Valley Art Scene

for Doo Wop in the Desert



Mayor Pizza: What’s up David? How are you doing?
David of Machin’: I’m doing pretty good man. I have practice later today in the desert, so I’m looking forward to that.

Mayor Pizza: Are you going to be practicing with Machin’?

David of Machin’: No, I’ve actually just started playing guitar with another band as well as Machin’. I really enjoy music so I try to stay preoccupied with it.

MP: That’s great man. Did you grow up here in the valley?
DM: No, I was born in Mexico and raised in LA. Very early on I was playing Latin-Jazz, Mariachi and actually had the opportunity to play at The Hollywood Bowl. One of the fortunate things about the area was the culture. In high school, instead of traditional band, we had Salsa Band and Mariachi Orchestra. Latin music was the big foundation for me. Then when I got out of the military I played in an Irish band for a few years and developed a new palette.

MP: It’s great to see just how diverse this country can get… and you play guitar/ perform vocals for Machin’. Would you mind telling me who the other members are and where they’re from?
DM: Sure, well Machin’ formed in 2012. We have Bri Cherry, she’s from Orange County and plays violin. There’s Andy Gorril on upright-bass and Mitchell Arganda plays drums; they’re both from Joshua Tree.

MP: Sounds like you have an extensive ensemble going on. How would you describe your sound?

DM: We call it Spanglish Jive. You take some Celtic, some Gypsy, Latin, Mexican, a little bit of Irish, Bluegrass, and a lot of Reggae, put it in a pot and mix it up. We really like everything and try to blend it together. Bri was classically trained in violin, Mitchell is more Reggae and Andy has a Jailhouse Rock sound. You see our influences in our different styles of music. When we play, we really feel the music.

MP: What have been some exciting moments in music for you?
DM: Playing with Robby Krieger for sure. It was at the Dinah Shore Golf tournament. We were supposed to open up for Alice Cooper but he didn’t show up. That would have been fun.

MP: Do you have anything in the works for a release?
DM: Not yet. We’ve been working non-stop in these past two-years. We had a Summer Tour not too long ago and played Coachella Fest. We are in the works to record a new song soon.

MP: What will you be playing at Doo Wop?
DM: The new song for sure. It’s got a Motown feel to it. “Try Me” by James Brown, Chicano Oldies, “Wooly Bully”, ‘Last Kiss” by Del Shannon.  What was interesting about the Doo Wop Era was that in Mexico, all the popular songs of the time were released in Spanish. So I’m trying to learn them. It’s great because once I do; I can play those songs in two languages.

MP: How do you feel about Doo Wop music?
DM: I love it. I think it’s a great choice for a Valentine’s Day party. Every song is about love and it came from a time when everything was new. 50’s Rock-and-Roll was born, New Rock, Soul and R&B. Doo Wop was the root of everything that is now.

MP: That concludes my questions. Thank you again David for having this interview. We look forward to seeing Machin’ at Doo Wop!
DM: Cool man, thank you.



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