This weekend will mark the return of the highly anticipated 4th Annual Rhythm Wine & Brews Experience in Indio, CA.  Taking place at the Empire Polo Fields, expect a classy event with top wines and brews paired perfectly with your favorite bands.
However, don’t think the experience will just stop there.  In addition to food, another pallet that will be touched upon is the visual arts.  Cristopher Cichocki, Art Director of Rhythm Wine & Brews Experience, has curated a solid list of local artists that will be featuring their large scale art installations on the field this Saturday afternoon/evening.
This week we were able to catch up with a few of the visual artists and talk about their pieces they are working on for the festival.
Rhytm Wine & Brews is great opportunity for local artists – so make a point to go out and support.
See ya there…


conducted by Sarah S for The Coachella Valley Art Scene
Tell me a bit about what you are working on for Rhythm Wine & Brews Festival this weekend.
We’re working on a collaborative sculptural mural titled (pyramid processions) we will be painting live during rhythm wine & brews experience.
How will it transition/transform in the evening?
The 3 pyramid installation pieces will transition from a day time structural mural to a black light reactive installation piece that will radiate flourencent colors.
Who are you working on the piece with?  Explain how you two work out an artistic rhythm together.
I am working with artist Moe a Coachella valley based mural artist. Our styles of both two different abstracted graffiti roots fuze together mixing organic movement & shapes & geometric pattens & perspectives join together in this project.
What inspired the project?
What’s inspiring my latest works is the idea of developing a urban/street art with a sculptural perspective of architecture & design titled (infinite structure)
Is there a favorite color? Or perfect stroke?  Is there a small detail about your piece that you love that many others might not be able to see?  
My favorite color for this project has to be invisible blue you won’t be able to see in the day time, but reacts with black light, that will transform the installation into another painting at night.
What was a challenge in constructing this?
I think the final decision on the sizing of the pyramid structures the largest ones 13ft tall, working with empire polo staff on the fabricating the steel structure & surfacing the pyramids for paint was about 3-4 week process.
Can you tell us a bit about your previous large scale installation that you just completed with Ernie Ball?  
My latest project prior to (Pyramid Procession) for Rhythm Wine & Brews Experience. Is a mural project for Ernie Ball company. I had designed & painted 4 mural concepts for the outside of there massive booth Display for the “NAMM show 2015”, which consisted of taking there iconic imagery & Remixing it putting on own twist with my Urban contemporary work in a hybrid perspective mixing light set ups with my painting concepts.

KAS Infinite’s next solo art exhibition will be held at The Coachella Valley Art Scene gallery on March 14, 2015.  Details coming soon.