This Friday evening get off work and head straight to the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert.  And put that pedal to the metal!..

You gotta make sure you get there in time for the free film happening at 5:30pm!  There is also local brew from Babe’s happening!  There is food happening!  And there is a beautiful atmosphere happening!  Oh, and did we mention FREE admission is making this all happen?

Bring the co-workers to show ’em what a good Happy Hour really looks like.  😉

And while you’re all there, make sure to say, “Hi!” to The Coachella Valley Art Scene blogsquad.  We’ll be there enjoying the scenery and filming Lincoln Jesser.





Bored millionaire Thomas Crown (Steve McQueen) concocts and executes a brilliant scheme to rob a bank without having to do any of the work himself. When Vicki Anderson (Faye Dunaway), an investigator for the bank’s insurance company, takes an interest in Crown, the two begin a complicated cat-and-mouse game with a romantic undertone. In an attempt to decipher Anderson’s agenda, Crown devises another robbery like his first, wondering if he can get away with the same crime twice.

Release date: June 19, 1968 (USA)




Originally from the Coachella Valley, this indie-pop artist now resides in Los Angeles and living as a musician.  You may recognize him from Technicolor Wolves, see what he’s up to today:





Through Sunday, May 3
Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert, The Galen
Using the diverse aesthetic traditions of portraiture as points of departure, this exhibition explores the representational power of photography from its origins in the nineteenth century to its digital forms in the present. Drawing from the museum’s permanent collection as well as on loan from artists and private collectors,Personalities emphasizes the unique characteristics of the photographic image to shape both the identity of a photographed sitter and a viewer’s sense of a subject’s persona. This exhibition examines how the careful art of the portrait can dive deeply into an individual’s soul, but can also be manipulated to create personalities that exist beyond the realm of the real. To read more click here.
Ike Ude, Sartorial Anarchy #5, 2013, pigment on satin paper, on loan courtesy of the artist (c) Ike Ude


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