This Saturday!  

Come listen to the unique, hand-crafted sounds of Alexa Dexa.  Traveling all the way from New York, NY.  This sweet lady crafts her own instruments and has a unique sound to match.

She’s cute, colorful and we are looking forward to sharing some California sunshine with her.

Join us this Saturday starting at 9:00pm!!


Alexa dexa

Alexa Dexa

Alexa Dexa is a singer/songwriter and visual artist rooted in the process of reflection. Her music blends edgy vocals, poignant lyrics with catchy hooks, haunting melodies, and dance-worthy beats. (Not to mention a collection of toy instruments that would put many playpens to shame, the most favored of which is her Schoenhut toy piano.) There is a striking duality between the mature content of Alexa Dexa’s songs and the child-like whimsy that they render. She exhibits pure devotion to evocative tunes and unconventional performance.

they say she has a small piano, but a big heart.

Opening up for Alexa Dexa is desert based artist, Alfa Cologne.

He will be releasing a new project and series of videos soon, will be performing new tracks at the show this Saturday.

Alfa Cologne

Alfa Cologne

Alfa Cologne is a musical project to promote a perfume line. Alfa Cologne, an aspiring perfumist was born in the same town as (the greatest perfumist of all) Yves Saint Laurent in Oran, Algeria. In this soaring economy, perfumists find it hard to break into the perfume industry. So Alfa decided to follow the steps of what some of the greatest contemporary perfumists (Celine Dion, Beyoncé, Sean John, Justin Bieber…, etc, ) resorted to; write love songs to promote their perfumes (innovative).

Alfa cologne records songs using his girlfriend’s iphone, an acoustic guitar and whatever he finds to make music (brooms, leaves, dogs barking, laugh tracks) in southern California where he picked up surfing on couches.

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Here are some music videos:


Event is $5 per person.

All Ages.

9pm – Midnight