Check out our new video for The 111 Music Festival. We really wanted to capture the dynamic nature of the festival and the contrast between a everyday ride with the bus as transit versus a “soundbus” ride when every ride is a experience. Public transit is such a great way to step away from the isolation and confine of our vehicles and into an environment where you can make new friends, see interesting people and connect with your local community. Making these videos was such a great reminder of how fun it is to just tune out and be a passenger along for a fun ride! I am so excited for our 2nd year producing the 111 Music Festival. The team at The Sunline Transit agency has been so supportive. It is amazing to work with a group of passionate people who are trying to unite our local community through public transit. I am excited to be supporting that mission and taking creative and bold steps to help our future be a little more interesting.

Show your support for Local Music & Public Transportation this November 1st! And let go of your Sunday Bus Blues.


Special Thanks to:

Video: Produced for the upcoming 111 Music Festival.

Directed by: Will Sturgeon
Filmed by: Sasha Young
Starring: Ian Cush & Sofia Enriquez

Featuring: Eevaan Tre & The Show, CIVX, & IIIZ as well as all the extras that came out to show support!

Check the 111 Music Festival November 1st, 2015