There are many options for something to do on Halloween in the Coachella Valley. Guy Worden, a local DJ, has been putting on Terrorfest for the past 3 years at the Tack Room Tavern in Indio. For the 4th Terrorfest, it will continue to offer a great value for the price of admission and an expansion.

This year’s entertainment lineup will include Long Duk Dong, Drop Mob, members of Wyte Guy performing with Tabitha Torres, MC Manny G, DJ Paul Z, DJ Will, Guy Worden, and many more.

During a recent interview, Guy Worden (Trevor Worden) talked about the upgrades for this year’s Terrorfest.

“We at the Desert Entertainment Group have a nice relationship with the Empire Polo Club, and for the past 5 years, we’ve done all their holiday events. This will be the 4th year we’ve done Terrorfest at the Tack Room Tavern. And because the crowd has grown so large over the years, we’re adding a venue to accommodate the growing crowd, so we’ll now have the Date Shed too. Now we have a total of 5 stages and anticipate a great turn out.”

There’s plenty more that will be offered too.

“I wanted to have kind of a mixed media event. I wanted to give people a lot of things to do and see visually, and things to experience. Not only do we have live music and a ton of DJs, but there’s a vapor lounge where people can go to and hang out, the Date Shed has a huge sound system so people who want to have that experience can go there and hang out, and there’s tons of dining – the Tack Room has a full menu and we’ll have food trucks and food presentations set up in both venues. Another cool thing is the Date Shed is 18 and up, so we can offer younger people in the valley something to do. The Tack Room will remain 21 and up because it’s a bar. We’re also stepping up the security level so we can watch and offer a really safe environment for everyone.”

There will also be presentations of art work throughout Terrorfest, which is something that isn’t part of a lot of local Halloween celebrations of this type.


“We also have live art, body painting, and we’re going to have go-go dancers featuring some costumes from Skitzo Kitty. There’s also going to be a Day of the Dead/Skull themed event at the Date Shed. Everything in there will have a Día de Muertos feel. It should be really cool, and people will have a lot visually to see. I also have a couple of artists coming out to paint longboards. The Vapor Room will have a vapor contest to see who can blow the biggest cloud and things like that.”

So what really makes this event different from the other local Halloween parties?

“The fact we’ve joined forces with the Date Shed, we made it more of a festival experience. Instead of going to one venue, you have the option of creating an experience of different stages, different vibes, and even the parking lot in between The Tack Room and the Date Shed is going to be a cool place to see and hang out. Plus we’ll have hayrides between the 2 venues so you don’t have to walk across the parking lot. It’s going to be a really cool thing.”

With Terrorfest expanding this year, there are already talks about next year’s event.

“We’ve talked about getting the big tent called the Hacienda that’s behind the Date Shed too (the venue is also referred to as the Sahara Tent during Coachella). That’s in the works for next year. I’d really like to add a haunted house and make it a whole October experience. Plus adding a pumpkin patch and having whole families involved with that whole section. That’s what I’d like to do. But the word is growing is because it’s something different and the Empire Polo Club is a beautiful space. I just have so many options and things to do to keep people interested and entertained for the whole night.”   

Worden has always been a bit of a party curator. In fact, he told me a story about when he was in college and how he would always have a Halloween event every year in his neighborhood.

“I’ve always loved Halloween and I love doing Halloween events. When I was in college, I built a haunted house with my roommates in our house in San Diego. We turned it into this haunted carnival every year, and it grew and grew and grew. When you drove down our street, our house looked like it was in one of those tents for exterminators killing insects, because we made it into a huge circus tent. We draped it from the rooftop down to the street in red and white striped canvas. We had a maze throughout the sidewalk, through the garage, and through the house. While we were building it, some of the neighborhood kids wanted to get involved, so we let them help us build it. They even volunteered inside and helped scare people that go through. I’ve always loved to do that kind of stuff because it’s fun and it’s a whole different creative outlet.”

Worden also offered one more great thing about Halloween.

“You can be silly, sexy, and whoever you want to be, including Batman, and no one is going to judge you that entire night.”

There’s one bad thing that Worden says about being both a DJ and the promoter of the event.

“On top of all my responsibilities, I’m still going to play. I think next year I’m probably not going to play. Talk about burning the candle at both ends! Half of the time I’m promoting the event, and half of the time I’m thinking about songs and putting together my set.”