The Coachella Valley Art Scene has teamed up with The Palm Springs International Film Festival to present the 2nd annual “After Dark” Film Series. Join us as we gather for a fun evening of movies targeted at younger audiences. Every film showing will open with music from an amazing local artist.

After Dark

Back to horrify, thrill and shake things up, After Dark is just what the crazy doctor ordered. This year’s slate of quirky, provocative and edgy fare from all around the globe is sure to push boundaries and satiate even the most ravenous of genre fans. The Hollywood Hills dinner party in Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation may seem like an innocuous place to start, but don’t you believe it, there is something just a little bit off about this soiree, if you could only put your finger on it…

It won’t take as long to gauge the bizarre nature of Men & Chicken, a Danish black comedy with Mads Mikkelsen that has been described as a mixture of Franz Kafka and The 3 Stooges. Then there’s Juan Fernando Andrés and Esteban Roel’s unsettling Shrew’s Nest, from Spain, the kind of sinister sisterly tale that gives sisters a bad rep. And finally, set your clocks forward for February, a pedigree chiller set in a deserted Catholic girls’ school starring Emma Roberts and Mad Men minx Kiernan Shipka. As you can see, After Dark is where you find the most twisted and unnerving fare PSIFF has to offer. Watch them all. We dare you!


Movie Schedule

Friday January 1st, 2016

Shrew’s Nest Spain, 2014, 95 min.
In 1950s Spain, an already unhealthy relationship between sisters is put to the ultimate test when an enigmatic and injured stranger stumbles upon their front door. One sister doesn’t want to play nice……more

Live Music By: Giselle Woo

Saturday January 2nd, 2016

2016_26160lThe Invitation
USA, 2015, 100 min.
In this disturbing domestic drama, a West Coast dinner party with old friends founders on the raw nerves of a still grieving father, and the very different coping mechanisms of his ex-wife, who has turned to a spiritual guru for release. Tense, tight and compelling…. more

Live Music By: The Flusters

Friday January 8th, 2016


USA, 2015, 93 min.
Mid-term break: the last two students wait to be picked by their parents at a tony Catholic girls’ school, while just down the road another young woman goes AWOL from a treatment center… A chilling winter’s tale from Oz Perkins (son of Anthony). “Stealthy, unsettling and suspenseful.”Varietymore

Live Music By: Maddy Ebersole

Saturday January 9th, 2016


Men & Chicken
Denmark, 2015, 104 min.
Five ill-mannered, hare-lipped half-brothers are brought together by their father’s death in this blackly comic account of family dysfunction, secret-hoarding and tragedy. “If Franz Kafka had ever devised a film for the Three Stooges, it might look something like Men & Chicken.” Screen Int… more
Live Music By: Eevaan Tre