Tonight we celebrate an end to an epic era in Palm Springs party history.

DJ Day will spin his very last Reunion event tonight.  Reunion has been a weekly hip hop event taking place every Thursday at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs for the past 6 years.

reunion dj day

This flyer lists all the artists who have contributed over time and the amazing lineup for tonight.

The event is Free, 21+, and starts at 10:00pm.  If you love hip hop, DJ Day, a good party…and/or all of the above…don’t miss out!

See you there!


DJ Day

DJ Day

Explain the concept behind the name “Reunion”.  How did you link with Ace Hotel and why did you choose to go the weekly route?

Connie Wohn (who worked at Ace at the time) and I came up with the name. I wanted to create a place where everyone was welcome and could come together on the regular, hence the name Reunion. I had been at Ace for a year prior since the first day they opened DJing Sundays poolside. They had an opening for Thursday nights and asked if I was interested. I remember people told me I was crazy to move to a weekly on a “school night”, but I was down to give it a shot and I’m glad I did.


If you could describe the vibe of the night to someone who has never been, how would you do it?  What kind of music could they expect to hear?  People they’d see, conversations they’d have, etc etc etc. 

The night has roots in hip hop, funk, soul, boogie, disco, house, dancehall etc. but we also play a lot of newer beat driven electronic music as well as straight up classics and some commercial stuff depending. I guess you could say it’s open format. I’ve played everything from ESG & Lee Scratch Perry to Beyonce and Sam Gellaitry. It just depends on the crowd and the night really.

We’ve had a ton of people come through randomly alongside our regular locals (El-P, Tom Morello, Lykke Li, Hudson Mohawke etc.). Because it’s at the Ace you never know who might be in the cut checking things out.


DJ Day


In 6 years of Reunion, how has the ‘scene’ evolved? 

Hmm…haha, well the ‘scene’ out here is weird. This valley has a history of supporting for a while and then just moving on to whatever is new. It’s been a challenge at times maintaining a weekly with that mentality. I used to joke that we could have Jesus Christ here every week doing headspins on the turntables and people would be like “eh, I saw him last week”. You just gotta keep it moving. There’s a lot of dope new talented young folks coming up in the art world outside of DJing that come out and continue to inspire me and keep things fresh. It’s the youth that will make or break this place.  


In the 6 years of Reunion, how have you evolved?  

Yeah, definitely. Both forward and backwards at various times.


In the 6 years of Reunion, how has music evolved?

Obviously people’s taste changes every couple years or so. I’ve learned A LOT not only about music, but DJing in and of itself. In the first couple years we used to be non-commercial, strictly kind of outside the norm shit, but that slowly stopped being possible beyond the first half of the night. Now if someone isn’t coming up to the booth with their phone in your face making a request or demanding a song, they’ll start to clear the dancefloor if you play more than one song they don’t already know. It’s kind of disappointing in a way to see it come to this. I always took pride in sharing new music with people, but it is what it is. Things change and you just gotta adapt and go with the flow. I’m sure it’ll change to something else by the time this interview comes out haha.


What was the driving inspiration to continue all these years?

Having artistic freedom and creating a comfortable environment for people. I love seeing good folks on the regular and being able to provide a safe home base for everyone in our community. I also really, really love to DJ.

What was the inspiration to end it?

It’s just run its course for me personally. There were no bad vibes or anything with Ace. They’ve been amazing to me since day one and will always be family. This was 100% my decision. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for about a year or so. I just want to focus on other things and the weekly party mode just got tired after a while. It would carry over into the weekend and I wasn’t being as productive as I wanted to be for my own music. I’ll still continue with my monthly party, Highlife, but after 6 years and 300 plus nights every week (I could probably write a book on all the wild shit I’ve seen over the years) I’m ready to go out on a good one for our anniversary/adios.

DJ Day

How do you think Reunion fits into the City of Palm Springs’s story? 

That’s a really interesting question and one I haven’t thought about. It’s been the longest running weekly night in PS history, which is crazy to me. I hope people remember the good times they had and the relationships they made at Reunion. Looking back, it’s been a really great experience and being able to do it at home in a place I care about so deeply means a lot to me. I hope it meant something to other people as well.


What do you think lies in the future of the City’s nightlife?

You got me. There’s more changes happening in town now than I have ever seen my whole life. I think (ok, hope) something dope will emerge for everyone’s sake. If there’s nothing happening you gotta make something happen. I hope that there’s at least an alternative to regular Top 40 clubs where people can go to that’s not the normal ish.


In your opinion, where is the future of music going?  And what most excites you about that?

People like Mr. Carmack, Soulection, Kaytranada etc. etc. etc. are all driving music into an exciting place. This is an amazing time for music across the board. Especially with rap production. People are taking more creative chances musically than ever and that shit is awesome.


Can you tell us about your personal music projects you are working on right now?

I took an indefinite break on making music after my last album. I’m finally back in full swing and super hype to make music again. What that will be, who knows?  It’s funny how Reunion plays into all of this after being so in tune with what everyone is doing now from DJing every week. I’m sure that will shape whatever I make to some degree.

DJ Day

Any hints on what the 31st will be like??

There will be a grip of people, surprise guests (and no, I’m not saying who no matter who asks me!), amazing music and supremely good vibes.


Can you provide a list of everyone who performed at Reunion??  (crazy, i know lol)

I think I can actually. I’m still not 100% sure if this is everyone, but here goes:

Andre Power (Soulection)
Benji B
Case Bloom
Cool Chris
Cosmo Baker
DJ Abilities
DJ Chris L
DJ Deivid (Brazil)
DJ Eleven
DJ Evo
DJ Hyder
DJ Look
DJ Magneto
DJ Misa
DJ Nu-Mark
DJ Stef
Doc Delay
Dubstrong (Brazil)
Dám Funk
Flying Lotus
Free the Robots
Haycock (The Do-Over)
House Shoes
J Boogie
J. Rocc
Jamie Strong (The Do-Over)
Jeremy Ellis
Jeremy Sole
Joe Kay (Soulection)
King Most
Kris Holmes
Meaty Ogre
Mo Manley
Morse Code
Mr. Chinn
Mr. Supreme
Ohmega Watts
Pedro Le Bass
People Under the Stairs
Plann B
Rip 1
Shred One
Skratch Bastid
The Gaff
The Gaslamp Killer
Thee Mike B
Them Jeans
Thes One
Waldo Rules


Shout Outs?
Way, way way too many to name. I just want to sincerely thank each and every person who’s ever made it out. It was some of the best years of my life for sure. I also couldn’t have done it without my man Aimlo who’s been there with me since day 1, everyone at Ace (you all are sincerely the best),  Jeremy Sole, Pedro, Manny, Pawn, Mila, DJ Look, CVAS, Garret and JC, Iggy… see, here I go and it’s gonna get my ass in trouble if I don’t name off everyone. Just know that I love you all and THANK YOU!!


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