MAKE at the Mall


Since ending our One Year Residency with Westfield Palm Desert, we have been able to look back and reflect on what an amazing experience and opportunity that partnership was for our organization.  We were able to educate hundreds of new members in our community about our mission and local art community.
In our space inside Westfield we also had the ability to work with as many local organizations and businesses as we could.  We hosted as many visual artists as we could.  We provided a stage for as many bands as we could.  We gave a microphone and speakers to as many poets and creative writers as we could.  We even provided opportunity for sound bath healers and yoga.


Our partnership with Westfield Palm Desert

  • One Year Residency
  • Activated a 6,000 sq. ft. space called “MAKE” from January – June
    • Produced 3 Art Shows, featured over 20 local artists
    • Weekly Live Music Events, featured over 15 local bands
    • Poetry Festival, highlighted over 15 local poets and writers
    • Local Commerce, featured over 12 emerging local entrepreneurs
    • Produced an Independent Short Film Festival
    • Produced Kid Disco, a children’s dance party
    • Partnered with Desert AIDS Project, Desert Arc, Get Tested, Torres Martinez Indian Reservation, Comic Con Palm Springs, Palm Desert Youth Committee on events
  • Diana Grasso and Sarah Scheideman

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make at the mall make at the mall