Local Hour Podcast

​Join KCOD’s Local Music Director, Giselle Woo, in collaboration with The Coachella Valley Art Scene, for a curated hour dedicated to bringing locally produced artist’s music to the air. Coachella Valley Local Hour celebrates local artists, exposing listeners to the sounds of the Coachella Valley’s thriving music industry and hopes to inspire more local artists to share their work.


About KCOD:

KCOD is your station for all things Coachella Valley! As the Coachella Valley’s college radio station, we are a platform for College of the Desert students & faculty, rising artists and the greater Coachella Valley community. We cultivate new radio personalities, play a variety of music and discover new artists for your college radio soundtrack. Follow us on Tune-in by searching for KCOD CoachellaFM or connect via our website www.kcodcoachellafm.com


Direct Link: https://www.mixcloud.com/KCODcoachellaFM/coachella-valley-local-hour-episode-11-new-batch/